Best Classic Brandy

Best Classic Brandy 1024 586 patiala

We had a dream of creating fine and cool BRANDY crafted with tradition in mind. We didn’t have to look far to find the ideal BRANDY And with extraordinary craftsmanship, we got EXTRAORDINARY BRANDY. So the EXTRAORDINARY began…. this is Best Classic Brandy

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The new baby on the block, Diamond Ice aka Kadaya

The new baby on the block, Diamond Ice aka Kadaya 1000 1000 patiala

A new brand from Patiala Distillers DIAMOND ICE. A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF RECONNECTION #PatialaDistillers #finebrands #liquor #worldliqourBrands

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Diamond Ice Vodka

Diamond Ice Vodka 1024 669 patiala

They say milk gives u strength. Drink three glasses and try moving a wall. You can’t. Drink three shots of vodka and it moves all by itself. Our new ready to drink Vodka is now available … DIAMOND ICE … a whole new world of reconnection… #PatialaDistillers#LidqourBrands#DiamaondIce

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Diamond Ice

Diamond Ice 800 450 patiala

DIAMOND ICE is a brand that Is inspirational and aspirational both for consumers and bartenders and left nothing to chance. Patiala Distillers knew how to grab people’s attention. A forward-thinking company with spectacular global sales that helped put bartenders in the right place and ready to drink vodka back in the map.

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Blue ice premium vodka

Blue ice premium vodka 1000 1000 patiala

If there was one trend in spirits that could define drinking in 2019, it is Coconut flavored Blue Ice vodka. The conversation around vodka went from how many times a vodka was distilled and which premium brand was the best, to how many crazy flavors can you put out that people will actually buy. Patiala…

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Faxe & Powermalt in Kenya Have you tasted?

Faxe & Powermalt in Kenya Have you tasted? 900 600 patiala

Have you heard about Unibrew which is a Denmark company dealing with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks?, this company has its brands in the market here in Kenya and that is Faxe and Powermalt. If you have already seen the brands and tasted them then you know what we are talking about. The two brands target…

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Patiala Distillers Ke

Patiala Distillers Ke 1024 683 patiala

All spirits begin their life in a distillery. And then they grow up to be the fine, upstanding liquors your tumbler depends on. Seeing as how people all around the world enjoy liquor just as much as you do (okay, maybe not as much), distilleries are pretty much in every corner of this great globe…

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Danish Brewing Firm launches medium-strength Faxe beer in Kenya

Danish Brewing Firm launches medium-strength Faxe beer in Kenya 890 445 patiala

A Danish brewing firm Royal Unibrew has expanded its Kenya portfolio with the introduction of a medium-strength beer Faxe Gold, upping the competition for its rivals. The new 5.5 percent alcohol content beer will be available in 330-milliliter bottles and 500-milliliter cans. It adds to the Faxe 10 percent and Faxe Stout 7.7 percent beers…

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New Faxe Gold 5.5 Makes A Grand Entry In Kenya’s Lager List

New Faxe Gold 5.5 Makes A Grand Entry In Kenya’s Lager List 1024 683 patiala

The brand popular for its high-quality strong beers – FAXE 10% and FAXE STOUT 7.7% – FAXE has now released a new product into the Kenyan market, FAXE GOLD 5.5% at a successful launch event held this past Friday at The Wet Lounge, Royal Orchid Hotel. FAXE GOLD 5.5% delivers a golden and pleasantly rounded hop…

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